At Soma, we teach pole with technical precision while aiming to facilitate reflective practice. We are committed to fostering a supportive community built on strength, empowerment, and resilience. 


We are a minority-owned studio that is seeking to build individual and community power through pole dance. We provide quality pole instruction and a welcoming atmosphere for all of our students. We believe that pole dance is a "practice of knowing" - a transformative process of liberation through which we can know and access ourselves and the world more deeply. 

Soma (noun) is a Greek word meaning "the living, sentient body that feels." We chose this name for our studio as a symbol of the mind-body-spirit harmony that defines our practice. This may manifest differently for every person that walks through our doors. We celebrate the differences that contribute to our unique community.

The curriculum at Soma was developed with two objectives in mind: to teach the technical aspects of pole and to encourage a reflective practice in the process. Students will learn the athletic elements of pole in such a way that facilitates self-exploration and self-expression. Through this curriculum, we aim to foster a unique combination of strength and vulnerability that contributes to personal growth and development. 

Trust yourself. Invest in yourself. Transform yourself. Discover your strength and gain a community. 


Pole dance is historically linked to sex work. We stand in solidarity with the sex worker community and actively work against its stigmatization.