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Intro to Pole Tricks

You are a beginner before
you are anything else

If you've never taken a pole class before, this is the place for you! You must take this class before you take any other class. You'll learn the mechanics (aka secrets) of pole, try some basic spins, and have fun!


Pole 1, 1/2, and 2 (beginner)

Discover your inner child

Level 1 is for students who have just taken an intro class. You'll continue building on what you learned in intro. 

Level 1/2 is for the beginner pole dancer who has already taken an intro class and several months of level 1 classes. You'll learn a variety of level 1 and 2 tricks, spins, and combos. 

Level 2 is for those who have been taking level 1/2 classes for 4-5 months and are ready to take things to the next level. 


Pole 2/3 and 3 (intermediate)

Go Beyond What You Believed Possible

Level 2/3 is for the pole dancer who has been taking level 1/2 and level 2 classes for at least 6-7 months and has mastered climbs, inverts, and basic knee hooks. You'll continue working on foundational tricks while also learning intermediate level skills. Prerequisites: climb, sit, ground invert/descending invert, outside leg hang, and butterfly.


Level 3 is a high-intermediate level class. You'll learn longer combos, transitions, and intermediate level tricks. Recommended for those who have been pole dancing for at least 9 months or more. Instructor permission must be obtained. 


Pole 4 (advanced)

Let's fly together

Our level 4 classes are for advanced pole dancers who have been pole dancing for several years. In these classes, you'll learn moves with two points of contact, tricks such as ayeshas, and complex transitions. 

Prerequisites: full chopper, shoulder mount, brass monkey, inverted D, extended butterfly, ballerina, and others. Instructor permission must be obtained. 



Dance Classes (beginner)

Move and Groove

Honey Flow: As our signature beginner dance and freestyle class, this class incorporates spins, floor work, freestyle, and short combos to get you more comfortable with the "dance" aspect of pole dance. All levels are welcome. 

Melt: This is a sensual and slow choreo class that focuses on the in-between moments of dancing. Students taking this class should have some familiarity of basic elements of pole dance.

Contemporary Pole Choreo: This is a pole choreo class taught in the contemporary style. All levels are welcome but a basic understanding of pole dancing elements is strongly recommended.

Can be done in heels or socks (heels not recommended for contemporary)

Knee pads highly encouraged


Dance Classes (intermediate+)

Find your sensual side

Heelography: This choreo class focuses on the sexy side of pole. You'll discover heel clacks, leg and body waves, and slinky floor work. 

Hard Style: This heels choreo class is energetic and dynamic, incorporating fast movements, unexpected transitions, and exhilarating jumps and drops. This class is for students with significant experience dancing in heels. 

Heels recommended

Knee pads recommended


Flexibility and Conditioning for Pole

Back to basics

Flexibility and Conditioning: Having a regular stretching routine is an instrumental part of your pole practice. In the flexibility portion of the class, you'll learn how to warm up properly, stretch safely, and incorporate flexibility into your pole technique. In the conditioning part of the class, you'll strengthen your range of motion and work to build up strength on the pole.

Full Body Flexibility: This class focuses solely on increasing flexibility and mobility for pole. 

Conditioning for Pole: This class is a 45 minute workout that incorporates strength and mobility exercises geared towards pole dancers.


Floor-Based Classes

Worm Mode

Floor Tricks and Skills: Get acquainted with the floor in new ways! The beginner level is for the pole dancer who is ready to start exploring the space around the pole. You'll work on shoulder stands, rolls, and variations. The intermediate level is for the pole dancer who is ready to spice up their movement off the pole. You'll learn a variety of flops, drops, and rolls.

Liquid Motion: Liquid Motion® is a method and style of dance and movement education that is known for being seamless, hypnotic, and organic. The beginner class will give you an opportunity to explore how you feel in your body through gentle movement. The intermediate class explores movement from the pole to the floor, across the floor, and from the floor back to the pole. 

Comfortable clothes, socks, and knee pads are highly recommended. Heels optional.


Non Pole Dance Classes

Perfect your show stopping moves

A$$ CLA$$: This twerk class is broken up into three parts. You'll work on your twerk technique, do booty conditioning and isolation exercises, and learn a twerk routine from a certified Twerk Technician instructor.  All levels are welcome. 

Chair Dance: This is a mixed level dance class with progressions and modifications available. Come as you are: comfy, cozy, or sexy. May be done in heels, socks, or barefoot. Please note that this is a BYOC class- bring your own chair. We recommend a sturdy metal folding chair.

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