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We have some amazing students

who have discovered their love for 

pole. Get to know them and their

pole journeys!


Pole dance and pole fitness is something that I had always wanted to try. When I started at my undergrad university and had to stop dancing it was really hard for me to feel comfortable in my body and in how I looked. Starting classes at Soma have helped me to find my confidence again. Watching my own progress since I started in January of 2021, in addition to how I've been holding myself and interacting with others while out at work or even in private, I'm incredibly grateful for the community and atmosphere that has been cultured here, as well as the friends I've made!



I sometimes say that I accidentally fell in love with pole. I bought my first pole in college when I lost a bet with one of my roommates and from the first day I touched that 45mm chrome, I fell in love.
Pole has become part of me and my lifestyle; it makes me feel strong, beautiful, free, and allows me to express myself in ways I can’t explain.
I have been poling on and off since 2019, the first year of which was self taught. Before I joined the Soma family I was feeling a little stuck. Tee and the lovely instructors at Soma definitely gave me the guidance and push I needed to take myself to the next level and cause me to love pole even more. It’s such a safe, encouraging space and I’m so glad I was able to make Soma my pole home.



I have been pole dancing since January of 2021 and I cannot get enough. Pole dancing for me is a creative and challenging way to work out. You use every muscle in your body, plus my flexibility and stamina have improved. When I first started, it was hard! I couldn’t really do spins; I had the strength but the moves were difficult. But, I kept pushing and my persistence has paid off. The environment is welcoming and I feel at home at Soma. I have amazing teachers and I couldn’t thank them enough for all that they have taught me and will teach me. To me, pole dancing is an escape to express myself and my creativity. It challenges my body, mind, and soul. There is always something new to learn, which is what I love about it. Pole dancing is beautiful and I feel beautiful doing it.


Margot Manifesto

I’m a burlesque performer who dreams of incorporating pole into my performance repertoire. Pole tricks classes give me goal-focused strength workouts, Heels classes improves my sexy floorwork, and flexibility classes help me get closer to achieving show-stopping splits! Like burlesque, Soma Pole Studio gives space for folx to be rockstars and own their incredible bodies. It’s a community I’m so grateful to be part of.

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